We offer the following services, as detailed below...  

 We offer the following services, as detailed below...  

Initial Consultation 

The initial assessment process typically lasts 90 minutes in total, and starts with a 15-minute phone/Zoom conversation so that you can tell Sara about your child and your concerns. This information enables Sara to plan for and tailor the assessment to your child, and to use the face-to-face time as effectively as possible. 
The assessment session is face-to-face, typically lasts 60 minutes, and includes a thorough clinical assessment of your child, as well as further discussion with you to understand more about your child’s history and their current speech and language development. 
At the end of the assessment session, feedback and recommendations will be provided verbally to you and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions. Sara will explain whether she believes that your child requires further speech and language therapy support, which could be through further Assessment or Therapy Sessions. 
She may also recommend that your child undergoes an assessment from another type of healthcare professional. 

  Therapy Sessions 

If, after an Initial Consultation, we agree that your child will benefit from further speech and language therapy, one-to-one Therapy Sessions can be booked. 
A typical Therapy Session lasts 45 minutes. This will include not only direct work with your child, but also discussion of progress made and recommendations of follow-up activities for parents and/or education staff. 


Should a written report be required, this will be tailored to your specific requirements. The scope (i.e.- aspects covered, level of detail, report length, etc.) will be discussed and agreed in advance. 
The agreed scope of any report will determine the time required to prepare it and the applicable fee will be agreed in advance. 
Reports will be sent to you by email (or post if you prefer), and can be shared by you with other professionals as you choose. 

  Therapy Programmes 

Therapy Programmes can be provided for home and/or school use. They are designed to supplement and reinforce therapy provided in one-to-one sessions. 
Programmes typically include specific targets and tailored activities. 

  Meeting Attendance 

Attendance at meetings (e.g.- with other professionals you may be working with) can be arranged by request. Contribution to any review or planning discussions will be based on prior Assessment or Therapy Sessions, and will include verbal feedback of observations as well as recommendations. 


Initial Assessments and Therapy Sessions can be provided at any of the following locations... 
The Speech Barn, Birch Hill, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3JN 
Sara has a dedicated therapy studio at her home address. This is a quiet and welcoming space, fully equipped for delivering Assessment and Therapy Sessions. 
You are responsible for your child’s safety during any visit and Speech Therapy Somerset accepts no responsibility for accident or injury. 
Public Liability Insurance is in place in respect of the therapy studio. 
In your own home 
Sara is happy to also provide Assessment and Therapy Sessions at your own home, but you will need to provide a quiet environment, free from distraction. 
You will also need to be present for the duration of any session, and there is a charge for travel time for any Assessment or Therapy Sessions held in your home (see Fees below). 
At your child's school or nursery 
For any Assessment or Therapy Session held at your child’s School or Nursery, you are responsible for seeking prior agreement /permission from the Headteacher or SENCO for my visit. 
You are also encouraged to attend sessions, although if you believe that your presence may negatively impact the effectiveness of the session, then a short meeting or phone call can be arranged afterwards to discuss the outcome. 
A member of the School/Nursery staff is welcome to observe any session and, as with sessions conducted at your home, please note that there is a charge for travel time for any Assessment or Therapy Session held at your child’s School or Nursery (see Fees below). 


Please get in touch to find out more about my fees, or anything else! 

  Get in Touch 

If you would like to find out more, please complete the contact form below to arrange an initial, no-obligation FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION where we can discuss your personal situation and concerns, and explore how we might be able to help. 
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